6 People You Need on Speed Dial when You Buy a New Home

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Whether you buy a Southwest Florida home or a home in Seattle, you’re making a big decision. Of course, you’ve taken great care in making your final choice. Still, within those first few years, you’ll likely experience a challenge or two. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers.

When it comes down to it, owning a home can be an excellent investment for you and your family. But along with the newfound freedom comes responsibilities as well. Maybe you’ve purchased an older home that needs a couple of upgrades. Or maybe you’re in newer construction, but experience a home emergency. In any case, keeping these 6 professionals on speed dial can make a huge difference.

A Plumber for Any Water-Related Issues

From gurgling toilets to leaking pipes, you’re likely to need a plumber you can trust. And because plumbing issues can run into the 10s of thousands of dollars if they’re bigger, you want someone who will be honest with you.

A Skilled Electrician for Anything Electric

Maybe you need to re-route wiring in the garage or install new appliances. There are many reasons that you might need to have a skilled electrician on hand. While the potential for emergencies isn’t as great as say, with plumbing, there are many other reasons you may call on one.

An AC Repair Expert, Especially for Southwest Florida Homes

If you’re buying a Southwest Florida home, it’s important to know that we take heat very seriously here. After all, it doesn’t just get warm in our state… it stays warm for a good deal of the year. The last thing you want, if your AC has an issue, is to wonder who you’ll call.

A Lawncare Service That’s Reliable

In Southwest Florida, from Fort Myers to Sarasota, we also take lawncare seriously. That’s because, during the rainy season, our grass can grow by inches every single day. While you might opt to mow your own lawn (and there’s nothing wrong with that), it’s still good to have a good lawncare service on speed dial. This is because, if you find yourself too busy one week, you still have someone you can call on to get the job done.

A Great Takeout Place for Your First Week

Even after you’ve bought the home of your dreams, you may find that during the first week in your new home, you aren’t going to cook. This suggestion might be a little uncommon, but as a Realtor I aim to provide you with advice that helps you every step of the way. Plus, ordering the same takeout place on the first anniversary of buying your Southwest Florida home can be a fun experience!

A Premier Area Realtor Who Knows the Community

Why would you need a Realtor on speed dial if you’ve already bought your home? That’s a great question. This is another uncommon tip I love to give people. And that’s because, for my team, it’s not about handing you off the keys and that’s it. In reality, we want you to keep us on speed dial, because we’re your lifelong real estate agents in Southwest Florida.

And when it comes to being your lifelong Southwest Florida Realtors, we’re ready to offer you even more. Need the name and number for any of these people listed above? Send me an email, and I’m always happy to help!

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Your List of the Fort Myers Area Farmers Markets

Your List of the Fort Myers Area Farmers Markets

As one of the premier agents for Southwest Florida real estate, I like to be your source to everything in the area. But I’m also a resident here, so I have a unique understanding of the area’s amenities and perks. After all, any Realtor can quote numbers for you, but it takes a true expert to give you the inside scoop on a community.

And this week, that means providing you with a resource for Farmers Markets around Fort Myers. In cities throughout the United States, farmers markets are an awesome way to connect with your local area. From fresh grown produce to small businesses, they really are a great way to become part of your community. And when you buy a home in Fort Myers, you’ll be able to shop at any or all of these ones!

Sanibel Island Farmers Market

If you were wondering if Sanibel Island could get any more cute and quaint… it can! The island even has its own local farmers market. This one is located near the historical museum and has been around since 2008.

Bonita Springs Farmers Market

From flowers to plants and seafood to jams, this one has just about everything you need. And because it’s located in the parking lot of the Promenade Shopping center, you can also grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

Coconut Point Farmers Market

This one is Estero’s own little farmers market. So if you’re in the Estero area, this one might be perfect for you. I also love that it’s dog friendly! And it has all the produce, seafood, and other items you’ll ever need.

Lakes Park Farmers Market

With 50 vendors, this is one of Fort Myers’ larger farmers markets. You’ll also love that there’s picnic tables to enjoy something to eat while listening to live music on Wednesdays. If you’re in the Harlem Heights or Cypress Lake area, check this one out.

River District Farmers Market

Once upon a time, this Fort Myers farmers market was named the Downtown Farmers Market. As the areas longest running, it’s worth a quick stop. With new managers at the helm of this one, we expect it to start shining soon.

Boca Grande Farm and Fish Market

Boca Grande is one of those little secrets of Southwest Florida that you can only find out about from those in the know. And their farmers market has some of the freshest seafood you can get in the world. I also love that this one has a real local feel.

Captiva Island Farmers Market

Orchids, native plants, soaps, fresh picked produce… Captiva is another treasure when it comes to our area. And their farmers market makes it that much better. Stop in, grab what you need, meet new friends, and connect with our communities!

Are you searching for a home in Fort Myers? I’d love to connect you with our community!

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3 More Hidden Natural Treasures of Southwest Florida

3 More Hidden Natural Treasures of Southwest Florida

Earlier this month, we saw how Southwest Florida has natural amenities that are truly amazing. On the one hand, we discovered Corkscrew Sanctuary’s world-famous flowers. On the other hand, we also found that Cayo Costa is an untouched paradise right in SWFL’s backyard. Of course, the Mineral Springs were one of those off-the-beaten path stops that you hardly ever read about.

So, this week, we decided to bring you a few more hidden, natural treasures from our area. For these three, you really do have to see them to believe them, they’re that spectacular. And each one also holds its own surprises that make living in Southwest Florida a rare treat.

Nokomis Beach, aka “Shark Tooth Beach”

The first time I heard that you can find sharks teeth on Nokomis Beach, I thought, “that’s interesting.” But I also thought that you might only find one if you were lucky. Let me tell you, that’s not the case. Make a trip to this lesser known Southwest Florida beach, and you’ll find that on just about every trip you can find sharks teeth right on the shore. If you’re a snowbird, I definitely recommend taking the kids or grandkids to this one. Not only that, but the beach is known for its sugar sand and emerald waters too. Also, when you visit, there are many days you can beat the crowds as well.

Ten Thousand Islands

While Florida is known for its beaches, you might also find that locals like to keep the islands secret. We even have a natural treasure called “Ten Thousands Islands!” This chain of islands runs down the coast of Southwest Florida and has amazing outdoor amenities. Now, it’s usually recommended that you only venture out if you’re more experienced – such as if you’re into fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and more. The islands are definitely perfect for those of you who love a little adventure—just come prepared.

Myakka River State Park

This one is more well-known among locals, but if you’re thinking about buying a house in Southwest Florida, you should check it out. First, the views of this natural landscape are phenomenal; especially true at sunset.  If you love photography, this one is for you. Still, there’s also boating, fishing, canoeing, and plenty of other activities to keep you busy. Camping at this park is also exceptional. When you visit this spot, you’ll realize just how expansive and beautiful our area’s outdoors can be!

Are you looking for all the hidden treasures that Southwest Florida has on offer? I’d be happy to help you discover them as we tour homes!

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Beginners Tips for Flipping from an Industry Expert


Beginner Tips for Flipping from an Industry Expert

Flipping houses. Maybe you have a friend that’s done it. Or maybe you’ve read an article or two yourself and wondered how difficult it really is. You may even have heard that considerable profit can be made by flipping a house or condo. Of course, you may also have wondered how to do it right and avoid the mistakes that other beginners usually make.

And you’ve come to the right place. After decades in the industry, I’ve flipped countless properties, developed my own models, and seen just about everything you can imagine. As a first-time flipper, you’re right to seek out guidance. Even if you’ve flipped one or two properties, you may be analyzing your own process, looking for ways to do it better. Well, today, I have some tips for you so that you can maximize your profit and experience a smoother flip.

Put together a team

First and foremost, you’re likely not going to be tearing down drywall and knocking down walls yourself. But if you’re experienced enough, you can if you want! Putting together a team means having a number of trusted vendors at the ready to handle plumbing, electrical, and all the rest.

Learn your market

San Francisco is not Southwest Florida, and New York City is not Seattle. Every market goes through its own cycles and has its own special features. My biggest recommendation is that you don’t just turn to your local newspapers. By the time that news hits your screen, someone else has taking advantage of it. Instead, dive into the local data for your market and start connecting the dots.

Search out anomalies

Another big tip I give during my seminars is to look for the anomalies. What do anomalies look like? Well, they look different all the time! That’s what makes it so difficult for the majority of people to find them. However, these anomalies can often provide you with solid profit. One example for flipping might be the cheapest home on a block that simply needs a bit more love to move in line with the rest of the neighborhood. Those are the opportunities we look for!

Understand who your buyers are

You probably can see how adding a luxury chandelier to a retirement condo might not always make the most sense. After all, not only will that expensive item count against your budget, it might actually turn off the buyers most interested in your property. Instead, keep your buyer in mind throughout your process, whether you’re painting the walls or completely upgrading the property.

Run the numbers and price correctly

Speaking of budget… you do have a budget, right? Too many times, I’ve seen beginners enter a flip without a realistic budget set. Sure, that budget may change as the project moves forward. But keeping a close eye on your numbers, before, during, and after a flip, can mean the difference in the size of your profit.

Are you just starting out in the world of flipping? Feel free to reach out to me! I offer coaching and consulting based on my decades of experience.

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3 Hidden Natural Treasures of Southwest Florida

3 Hidden Natural Treasures of Southwest Florida

When it comes to Southwest Florida, you may think that our world-famous beaches are what it’s all about. At the same time, however, there’s much more to our area than just those popular destinations. While stops like Siesta Key are very much worth checking out, there’s a few more I recommend that are a bit off the beaten path. In addition to absolutely affordable and beautiful real estate in Southwest Florida, we also have these hidden natural treasures. And when you own a home here, you’ll get to enjoy each one.

Corkscrew Sanctuary for Unique Southwest Florida

Just south of Fort Myers, there’s a sanctuary that has something really amazing in it. But let me tell you, Corkscrew’s boardwalk, which runs through the park, is a lot of fun. When you walk down it, you’ll discover wildlife and tons of stunning plants. But one thing makes this natural treasure very special is the super-rare ghost orchid. Featured in the book The Orchid Thief, and later a movie, this flower is only seen in Florida deep in the Everglades. Yet, in recent years, one large cluster was discovered within eyesight of the Corkscrew boardwalk. Now, it’s not blooming all the time, but you can check the park page regularly for updates. And let me tell you, you want to see this unique site!

Kayo Costa for Untouched Beauty

Outside of Charlotte Harbor in Southwest Florida, there’s an island. And it’s not just any island. In fact, it’s a pristine retreat from the modern world. Kayo Costa has 9 miles of gorgeous beaches which are only accessible by boat. When you visit, you’ll see manatees, dolphins, birds, turtles, and much more. The park also offers primitive camping that gets you away from it all. For you outdoor lovers, this natural treasure makes living in here totally worth it. And if you don’t have a boat, that’s okay too. Captiva Cruises provides ferry services to the island as well. Just make sure to leave it as pristine as you found it!

The Mineral Springs for Truly Off-the-Beaten Path

Never heard of the warm mineral springs outside of Sarasota? That’s okay! Many locals aren’t even aware of this hidden natural treasure. As the only warm water spring in Florida, this spot has a reputation as a bit of a natural health spa. The spring itself is wonderful, and once in a while (they say once a decade), the waters turn nearly gin-clear. I recommend visiting this one when the weather starts to cool, as those months will be the best for the warm waters. But you’ll thank me once you’ve seen how amazing this one is!

Are you looking for a home in Southwest Florida and love outdoor amenities? Let’s discover your options! Send me an email, and we can review properties together.

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All Around Sanibel, Your Southwest Florida Real Estate Tour

All Around Sanibel Your SWFL Real Estate Tour

When it comes to Southwest Florida real estate, there are a handful of areas that people constantly ask me about. And one of those areas is Sanibel Island. If you haven’t yet been to the island, it’s a secluded paradise right off Fort Myers. With less than 7,000 residents, it also boasts some serious amenities that locals can’t get enough of. Of course, the homes are also must-see both for their beauty and their access to everything right on Sanibel. And as your Southwest Florida Realtor, I’m taking you on a tour of it all today!

Old Town Sanibel as our first stop

When you get into Sanibel, I recommend stopping in Old Town first. This part of town is pretty small, and only has a few shops, but the historic lighthouse is here. And it gives you a huge perspective on life in Sanibel. Set on a lovely, tiny beach, this lighthouse is a cultural treasure that highlights the importance of preservation.

Golfing and Southwest Florida real estate

If you take a drive around Sanibel, you may even miss the golf courses on this island. There are several, but they are well-hidden. And when you own a home on the island, you can get direct access to this fun amenity.

Beach outings that simply cannot compare

When I say that Sanibel has some of the best beaches in the world… I really do mean it. The beaches aren’t crowded, the shelling is great, and you could spend the entire day at your favorite one. I know I have on more than one occasion!

The Ding Darling for even more outdoor amenities

The Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge is probably the most well-known treasure on Sanibel. Every year it draws a number of visitors, and when you visit it, you’ll see amazing wildlife. At the same time, you’ll also get to experience breathtaking vistas.

Many other amenities at your fingertips

Still, Southwest Florida real estate on Sanibel isn’t all beaches and outdoors. Even though I can’t get enough of those, there’s also delicious restaurants, funky bars, and cute little bookstores. The island really has its own character that makes it that much more wonderful.

Captiva Island and proximity to Fort Myers

Another part about the real estate on Sanibel that I love is its proximity to Captiva and Fort Myers. On the one hand, Captiva is an even more secluded get-away than Sanibel. On the other hand, Fort Myers is a bustling metro with a trendy downtown and more. It really goes to show you that in Southwest Florida, you can get the best of both worlds. From hidden fishing holes to art galleries; golfing to beaches; our area stands out as an affordable place to live with great amenities.

Interested in real estate on Sanibel? I’d love to show you more of this unique community!

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4 Spots for Florida Landscaping Ideas Around Fort Myers

4 Spots for Florida Landscaping Ideas Around Fort Myers

As a Southwest Florida’s real estate agent, I make sure to be a constant resource for my clients. And that means whether they need advice on the closest communities to the water or just decorating ideas for their new home, I’m there for them. I truly love to share everything local.

Well, because of our unique climate, I often get questions from my clients about landscaping. After all, if you’re buying your first home here, you need ideas that make sense for our area. So, I’ve put together this quick list of spots around Fort Myers where you can get some interesting landscaping ideas.

Old Town Sanibel for Quaint SWFL Ideas

Located at the southern end of Sanibel Island, Old Town is a small area that was once the central hub of the island. I also love their landscaping! Now, it’s true that Sanibel in general is a wonderful place for landscaping ideas. But Old Town Sanibel has a few gems that always get me thinking, whether it’s a lush pitch apple hedge or a trim of limestone rocks around a flowerbed.

Captiva Drive for Secluded Landscaping

Just down the road from Sanibel is Captiva Island, one of Fort Myers hidden secrets and a spot with beautiful homes. The landscaping is also full of ideas that will get you imagining the possibilities. Because of how the community is developed, you can just take a long drive down this road. It’s very enjoyable, and you’ll see lots of homes hidden behind thick walls of landscaping.

McGregor Blvd for Historic Southwest Florida

For those of you thinking about buying SWFL property, I recommend a quick drive on McGregor Blvd. First, there’s several wonderful homes in the area that may interest you. You’re also right down the road from Downtown Fort Myers. At the same time, McGregor Blvd can give you a sense of just what kind of impression you can make with simple palm trees. On the other hand, the Edison and Ford Winter Estate is also full of absolutely unique landscaping ideas (and historic homes that are worth a look).

Hickory Blvd out Past Lover’s Key

Not far from Lover’s Key is Hickory Blvd, a road that runs part of the length of our gorgeous waters. This spot is a bit different when it comes to landscaping ideas. This is because, being so close to the water, mostly salt tolerate plants will be in favor. You’ll see well-trimmed hedges of sea grapes, towering coconut palms, and more. There are also a number of attractive homes in this area as well, so it’s also worth putting on your list if you’re interested in buying.

Need a tip or advice about something Southwest Florida? Send me an email with your questions, and I’d be happy to help!

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