4 Spots for Florida Landscaping Ideas Around Fort Myers

4 Spots for Florida Landscaping Ideas Around Fort Myers

As a Southwest Florida’s real estate agent, I make sure to be a constant resource for my clients. And that means whether they need advice on the closest communities to the water or just decorating ideas for their new home, I’m there for them. I truly love to share everything local.

Well, because of our unique climate, I often get questions from my clients about landscaping. After all, if you’re buying your first home here, you need ideas that make sense for our area. So, I’ve put together this quick list of spots around Fort Myers where you can get some interesting landscaping ideas.

Old Town Sanibel for Quaint SWFL Ideas

Located at the southern end of Sanibel Island, Old Town is a small area that was once the central hub of the island. I also love their landscaping! Now, it’s true that Sanibel in general is a wonderful place for landscaping ideas. But Old Town Sanibel has a few gems that always get me thinking, whether it’s a lush pitch apple hedge or a trim of limestone rocks around a flowerbed.

Captiva Drive for Secluded Landscaping

Just down the road from Sanibel is Captiva Island, one of Fort Myers hidden secrets and a spot with beautiful homes. The landscaping is also full of ideas that will get you imagining the possibilities. Because of how the community is developed, you can just take a long drive down this road. It’s very enjoyable, and you’ll see lots of homes hidden behind thick walls of landscaping.

McGregor Blvd for Historic Southwest Florida

For those of you thinking about buying SWFL property, I recommend a quick drive on McGregor Blvd. First, there’s several wonderful homes in the area that may interest you. You’re also right down the road from Downtown Fort Myers. At the same time, McGregor Blvd can give you a sense of just what kind of impression you can make with simple palm trees. On the other hand, the Edison and Ford Winter Estate is also full of absolutely unique landscaping ideas (and historic homes that are worth a look).

Hickory Blvd out Past Lover’s Key

Not far from Lover’s Key is Hickory Blvd, a road that runs part of the length of our gorgeous waters. This spot is a bit different when it comes to landscaping ideas. This is because, being so close to the water, mostly salt tolerate plants will be in favor. You’ll see well-trimmed hedges of sea grapes, towering coconut palms, and more. There are also a number of attractive homes in this area as well, so it’s also worth putting on your list if you’re interested in buying.

Need a tip or advice about something Southwest Florida? Send me an email with your questions, and I’d be happy to help!

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5 More Instagrammers to Inspire Your Home’s Style

5 More Instagrammers to Inspire Your Home

Not long ago, we saw how Instagram can be the perfect place for home style. Not only can you get ideas for your Southwest Florida home (or any home for that matter), but you can also connect with a whole host of interesting home decorators. It’s an excellent resource for anyone buying or selling a home… or if you’re just interested in the trends!

Of course, as a Southwest Florida Realtor, I love to stay up on the home trends. So we’re bringing you a handful or so more Instagrammers you simply must check out for home style. There’s a good mix of different approaches here, which will ensure that there’s something for just about everyone. Let’s get started!

Hunted_interior for Just About Everything Trendy

For this one, you’ll find that rich paint colors come together with ideas on unique hardware and so much more. The end result? A collection of home style ideas that are trendy and on-point. The account’s owner, Kristin Jackson, is also the editor at Huntedinterior.com, which gives you the inside track on everything going on there as well. She’s definitely passionate about home style!

Inspire_me_home_decor for Classy

With a Youtube channel of their own, this account is all about posh luxury. What will you find? Plenty of clean, fresh rooms that are full of high-class decorating and design. One of the things I like best about this Instagrammer is some of the outdoor ideas. There’s decks, firepits, and more! Because Southwest Florida homes often have generous backyards, this account makes for a good stop for ideas.

Homedecoratingideas1 for Modernism

With a focus on prints and wall décor, this Instagrammer also mixes in plenty of other ideas to look at. I enjoy the modern feel of many of the images. But at the same time, there’s also a touch of minimalism in all of them that you’re sure to appreciate too.

Adoremagazine for Professional and Colorful

This home magazine on Instagram does just about everything right. From colorful homes to furniture ideas and everything in between – it definitely is fun. And you can easily lose some time browsing the nearly 2000 images. It’s a deep well that you’re sure to get many different ideas from for your own home.

thegrandapt for Something Totally Different

Gutting a pre-war apartment in New York and showing the journey on Instagram? I love it! As a long-time real estate agent, I know all about rehab. So this account caught my eye. Really, the story here is that you can make any property your own, whether it’s a condo in Southwest Florida or a ranch house in San Francisco.

Have an Instagram account you want me to check out? Share it in the comments!


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5 Tiny Houses You Should See to Believe


5 Tiny Houses You Should See to Believe

Not long ago, we saw how the Tiny House Movement is a “big” trend in the United States. You can even find the idea spreading in countries throughout the world! And because this lifestyle is growing, we’re likely to see this movement stick around for years to come. In fact, from Fort Myers real estate to Sarasota properties and San Francisco homes to New York apartments, more and more people are choosing to express themselves in the size of their homes.

Well, to show just how diverse this trend is, we’ve put together this Pinterest list of tiny homes you simply have to see to believe. Now, for those of you who thought that tiny homes were confined to wheels, you’ll really enjoy many of these examples. And if you’re into home décor, design, and more, you’re in for a real treat. But no matter what, you’ll see exactly how the tiny house movement is only limited by our own creativity. Make sure you’re signed into Pinterest to get the full effect, and let’s get to it!

An A-Frame in the Woods

If this secluded cabin doesn’t defy your expectations for a tiny home, I don’t know what will! Warm, welcoming, and totally unique, it has a classic feel, but with a twist. I’m sure you can imagine that a weekend to yourself in this one would be very enjoyable.

A Clean Feel with a Touch of Darkness

Okay, let’s switch to something many of you may have envisioned when we were talking about tiny homes. This little house looks pretty straightforward from the outside, but inside… the contrast of the white and black make for an interesting pair, especially with the black stainless steel!

A Lakeside Retreat for this Tiny Home

Speaking of getting away, this tiny home looks to be about right. One thing that I love about this home is how bright and refreshing the main room is. Imagine having all those windows to let in the bright morning light! It really goes to show you that tiny homes can really have that extra touch of excellent design.

An Eye-Catching Property

This stunning tiny home is the right mix of hip and modern. It even has some really interesting industrial details that you’re sure to notice. But where this tiny home really shines is on the outside. With a paint choice that’s sure to get your attention and a classic look that generates interest, this tiny home would look good just about anywhere.

A Home that Incorporates Nature

This tiny home is sure to show you just how creative the tiny house movement really is. By seamlessly adding in a touch of nature, this home really stands out.  A little rustic, a little whimsical, and plenty… little! It proves that a tiny home can be whatever you imagine it as.

Do you have a question about the tiny house movement? Along with Southwest Florida real estate, it’s a subject I’m passionate about. Leave a comment and let’s talk!

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6 Home Decorating Instagrammers to Follow

6 Home Decorating Instagrammers to Follow

From #housetour to #currentdesignsituation, if you’re anything like me, you can get lost on Instagram in a snap if you love home styles. And as a Southwest Florida real estate agent, I love to be a source for all aspects of the home ownership process for my clients. Whether you’re buying your first, decorating a new one, or selling your current home, my team aims to be your guide throughout it all.

Of course, browsing Instagram for decorating ideas is one of the most fun parts! This week, I wanted to put together a short list of some of my favorite home Instagrammers to follow. This way, no matter where you are in your real estate journey, you’ll have beautiful ideas to inspire you.


With over 300,000 followers, you know that witanddelight_ has to be doing something right. And whether you’re looking for the season’s hippest paint colors or modern bohemian decorating ideas, this one is your best bet. Kate, the account owner, also infuses the photos with a lot of personal touches that really connect you with what you’re seeing.


What can I say about Ashley Rose at Sugar & Cloth? First, I love her seashore living photos (especially the one with the pig!), but there’s so much more than just that. Her photos show how home style can come together in a fresh, relaxing way that anyone in Florida is sure to appreciate.


When a home style Instagram says they’re not afraid of a little color, I know I’ve found someone special. So many of the styles you’ll find on this Instagram are lush and rich in a unique, attractive way. Still, there’s also many ideas with a lighter feel that’s sure to catch your eye.


Set right in Spokane, this Instagrammer is another one of my seaside favorites. The part I love best about following Aileen at this account is that she shows many home and architectural trends popular on the West Coast. She also brings her warm personality to every photo she takes.


If you love home trends, you may have heard of designsponge. If you haven’t checked out their official website, it’s also definitely worth a look. There’s interiors, travel, food, and a ton more. But their Instagram also highlights a nice cross-section of home ideas that are quirky, interesting, and just plain beautiful.


Our final home style Instagrammer to check out is homepolish. First, it’s awesome that you can book a consultation with one of their professional interior designers. But if you’re simply in need of style ideas that can elevate your Southwest Florida home (or your home anywhere for that matter), this one is worth browsing for a bit (or even longer!)

Is there a home style Instagrammer you just love to follow? Share their account with me in the comments!

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The Benefits of Working with a Professional Real Estate Agent

What are the Benefits to Working with a Professional Real Estate Agent

As a Southwest Florida real estate agent, you can imagine that I have a thing or two to say about buying and selling homes. After decades in the business, I’ve seen just about everything (and probably more). As an expert in the industry, I’ve become a resource for nearly all aspects of the real estate process. And I truly love it!

Now, I completely respect anyone who decides that “For Sale by Owner” is the choice for them. Having that option means that people have more choices that might fit their lifestyle and financial goals. After all, what’s right for one person might not work for someone else. And I’m 100% in favor of custom solutions.

Still, with all my real estate experience, I also know that there are benefits to working with a professional real estate agent. So, if you’re wondering what makes the most sense for you, read on, and let’s discover the perks of going with a pro.

You’re Gaining Access to an Area Expert

This one is especially true if you’re just moving and discovering a new place to live. It can seem so big, and you really want to get connected with all the amenities you love. After all, how close you are to those amenities can be important. This is also true if you’re selling your home, as an area expert will be able to highlight those nearby amenities for you to use as selling points.

You’re Partnering with a Real Estate Guide

Any real estate agent worth their salt understands that the real estate process can be confusing to many people. It’s not that it’s impossible to understand, but after decades, a pro knows the ins and outs of the process like the back of their hand. Not only that, but they also know what problems to look out for long before they even become an issue. This is also true in how real estate, both locally and nationally, goes through cycles that can be hard to see at first glance.

You’re Connecting with an Entire Team

Because the pros get to know one another, they also form a tight network of trust. And really, when you think about it, that trust is built on the reputation of each real estate team. This means that you don’t have to run around searching for answers; instead, you can turn to an entire team, a team known for going above and beyond. This is even true for solo agents who still operate with other professionals in their area. For my Southwest Florida real estate team, it’s all about coming together to offer our clients the very best in real estate service.

Have a real estate question you’d like a professional to answer? Let’s talk! Send me an email, and I’d be happy to chat.

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5 Plants to Make an Impression at Your Southwest Florida Home

5 Plants to Make an Impression at Your SWFL Home

When it comes to landscaping, I know that many of my clients who buy a Southwest Florida home want something that looks amazing. A well-chosen set of plants can take a yard and make it into the talk of the town, no matter where you live. And in Florida, people are catching on to a ton of plants that do very well in our climate and are pretty attractive.

But because I love to give you the inside scoop on everything home-related, I’m bringing you a few landscaping choices that aren’t run-of-the-mill. Each one of these is sure to make an impression, whether you put it in the front yard or your backyard. Your home will thank you!

Travelers Palm

Growing upward to 50 feet tall or more, these palm trees are really different. Because its adapted to collect extra rain water, it has huge, lush fronds that splay out from its center. But because they’re not overly common, adding one to your Southwest Florida home adds a touch of intensity.

Silver Palm

Speaking of palm trees that make an impression, there’s another that I can’t leave out. The Silver Palm is another choice that is sure to draw attention. Because it’s palm fronds are a bright silver color, you can’t miss this plant when its added to a home’s landscaping. This is especially true if you get a little creative and add darker color plants around it to draw the bright silver out even more.

Mango Tree

As we’ve seen in the past, mangos were a Southwest Florida favorite. Ford even named his winter retreat after them at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates! Now, you might think that this plant isn’t anything totally eye-catching. But when visitors see these with their bright fruit hanging from them… they take notice. Best of all, they add a slight tropical feel to your home.


This one is a little more popular, but well worth mentioning. The reason that it can’t be left out is for two reasons. First, the plant’s flowers, shaped like small, cute birds, are wildly popular with guests. You can even cut a few off for an impromptu centerpiece when you have company over. Yet, I also love how tall this plant can get.


Finally, I feel like the bougainvillea is one of the lesser used, but beautiful plants here in Southwest Florida. In fact, it’s also included on the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, and this one is a giant! It is incredibly drought tolerant and offers countless gorgeous flowers. It may not be right for every home, but for many it might add just the right touch.

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Save Money on Your Water Bill, in Southwest Florida or Anywhere!


Save Money on Your Water Bill, in Southwest Florida or Anywhere!.png

As a real estate agent in Southwest Florida, I’m often asked a few specific questions when it comes to owning a home here. And one that almost everyone is curious about is saving money on your water bill. With beautiful pools and attractive landscaping, your home, in Southwest Florida or just about anywhere in the United States, can use a good deal of water.

At Records Results Real Estate we always have an eye on doing more for our environment. Finding ways to use water more efficiently means a little extra money in your pocket, but also lessen the burden on our waterways and reservoirs. That’s good for the local community and your Southwest Florida home!

Check your water meter

Because tree roots can puncture the water pipes in your yard, it’s a great idea to check that water meter. If you find that it’s spinning, even after you shut off water at your home’s shut off, you may have an issue. This one is a common situation that can go undetected for months or even years.

Survey your home for minor leaks

And on the topic of leaks, you might be tempted to ignore that very slow faucet. But even a slow drip can cost you gallons of water each and every day.

Go for low flow options

From eco-friendly showerheads to low-flush toilets, there are numerous options today that are excellent upgrades to your home. The best part is that in most cases, these options are affordable and they save you money at the same time!

Only wash full loads of laundry

We’ve probably all done it once or twice: put a load of laundry through that was only partially full. Yet, every time we do this, we’re wasting water! Try to only do full loads of laundry to cut down on water consumption that extra bit.

Fill the dishwasher all the way

On that note, we’ve probably all done the same thing with the dishwasher once or twice. Still, consider that many models are meant to work most efficiently when they’re full instead of a quarter or half full.

Install a rain barrel

One of my favorite ways to save money on your water bill is simply to add a rain barrel to your yard. At least when you own a Southwest Florida home, we get so much water during the summer rainy season. Using a rain barrel allows you to harvest some of the water for use a few days later, instead of relying on your hose.

Add soaker hoses to your landscaping

And speaking of ways to save money on water in your yard, let’s talk about soaker hoses. Locally, they’re very popular. But basically, a drip irrigation system applies targeted water to your plants that evaporates slower and uses less water. And your local hardware store likely has affordable soaker hoses you can pick up!

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