Finding Property for Sale that Meets Your Financial Goals

Finding Property for Sale that Meets Your Financial Goals

You’re on the hunt for a property for sale, but not just any property; you’re searching for your next dream home. Or maybe you’ve just dipped your toe into the investing world, and you’re ready to find a property that will help you build your portfolio.

In any case, your financial goals are a huge part of the picture in either situation. And with my upcoming books in real estate investment and wealth generation, we dig into just how important it can really be. After decades of buying and selling homes, I’ve discovered there’s more to it than just purchasing the first property for sale that you see. So, today, we’re diving in to find out how to make real estate work for you.

List out your criteria for your next home

How can you meet your financial goals if you don’t know what you’re balancing them against? Maybe you know that a pool is a must-have for you, but a more modest square footage is fine. Or maybe you’re more flexible on which part of a metro area meets your lifestyle. Once you list out what you want and need in your next home, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the options. And an easier time balancing all your factors against your overall financial situation.

Perform your own financial audit

The word “audit” doesn’t have to be a scary word… at least, not when you perform it yourself. Now, you can always pair up with a professional, which can be a big help. But you’d be surprised how many people never bother to truly see what their current financial situation is. From credit scores to monthly budgets, you want to have an idea of where you are, so you can match a property for sale to your unique situation.

Be realistic about the process of finding property for sale

Of course, there’s one thing you may not have heard many people talk about. And that’s how finding a property for sale is a process. If we could all find a diamond in the rough when looking at our first property, anyone could be an expert real estate agent. But the truth is that each property is a mix of factors that all need to be taken into account when you’re buying, for investment, long-term or principal residence.

Search for hidden possibilities

I’ve made a successful career in investing and real estate by finding those hidden possibilities. And they do exist. Your best chance to succeed is to work with an agent or investor who has the experience in both buying and selling, but also in assessing individual financial goals. The fact of the matter is that each person’s financial situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer, just like there’s not a one-size-fits-all property. But decades of working with clients to meet their financial goals has taught me that the possibilities really are endless.

Keep an eye on my blog! My upcoming books on real estate and investing will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to miss the big announcement!

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Seaside Staging: 2 Houzz Properties with Style

Seaside Staging 2 Houzz Properties with Style

As a Southwest Florida real estate agent, I’ve been captivated by the beauty of many of our seaside properties. From luxury condos with a waterfront view to affordable single-family homes a short drive to the shore, our area has so many options.

And because the ocean plays such a unique role in Florida, many residents love to style their homes to bring a little of that inside. Now, when you’re staging a home, you’ve probably heard one big tip: stay neutral, neutral, neutral.

However, a small, regional touch to your property can help connect potential buyers with the property. This is as much true if you’re selling your home or even just having guests over. So, let’s take a look at 2 seaside properties and how they accomplished this task in an attractive way.

Contemporary Meets Classic in San Diego Staging

Okay, I have to be totally honest. This staging in Mission Hills on San Diego Bay is absolutely stunning. When you look through the photos, you’ll see what I mean. The home is an incredible mix of contemporary and classic designs that create a soft, inviting atmosphere that I can’t help but adore. As a 1940s home, the rooms come together with the perfect balance of slightly warm, plenty refreshing, and of course, 100% ocean-inspired.

But let’s talk about the seaside elements, since we highlighted that as a factor at the start of this article. When you tour the home, going from room-to-room, you’ll notice that there are small, well-chosen touches of the ocean. At no point does it become too much or does it break from the larger picture. How is this accomplished without going overboard? A splash of blue contrasts a subtle use of clear glass, a bold seashell art piece compliments the use of marble, and driftwood is incorporated for a unique look in a lamp pair. Love it!

A Gorgeous View of the Sea in Florida

Now, let’s turn to another staging that’s a little more modest, but equally attractive. This home, located in Florida, takes advantage of our wonderful views of the shore. And the first thing that I notice about the property is how it highlights that view. With the long, white curtains framing the way to the balcony, this home draws your eye to the ocean.

But I also like the balanced use of whites and blacks, including that modern rug, to keep the look simple. So, how does the property bring in a touch of the ocean, aside from the view? The pillows are an attractive splash of blue that’s just right, with a pattern that’s organic and natural feeling. And I’m in love with the craftsman-style doors throughout

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Simple Tips for Becoming an Incredible Real Estate Agent

Tips for Becoming an Incredible Real Estate Agent

If you’re a Realtor or thinking of becoming one, you’ve probably thought about how you can be an incredible agent. And this is perfectly understandable. Whether you’re just getting into the business or you’ve been doing it for a few years, you want to be at the top of your game.

As a seasoned real estate investor and a long-time real estate agent, I’ve picked up a few tips I love to share on this topic. But even after decades in the business, I can say that there’s always room for getting better. All these tips are simple but have an impact for any Realtor, in Cincinnati or San Francisco (or anywhere).

Know your regional market and its cycles

Recently, we talked about the concept of market cycles and how they factor into your regional real estate market. In fact, this is a concept that I believe is so important, I’m covering it in my upcoming book series in more detail. But the bottom-line is that, as a real estate agent, you’re tasked with having a greater understanding of your region’s real estate.

Be data-dependent, but also don’t forget to “pound the pavement”

It might sound a little old-school in the decade of social media and Big Data. But balancing charts and tables with touring properties is key. On the one hand, the data gives you a technical look at your region. Yet, viewing properties and talking with everyday people can give you insights you might not find anywhere else. And this remains the case, even today.

Remember your clients are making a big decision

This one is especially for novice real estate agents. As a Realtor, you have a chance to guide people through the real estate process. And while we might help people every single day with the buying and selling process, in many cases, your clients might never have done it before, or only once or twice in their lives. And it’s truly a huge decision for them. This perspective can help us be patient, even as we’re hungry to close that deal. After all, at the end of the day, serving our clients well is a vital part of our relationships.

Answering that phone!

Let’s add, “call people back” to this one too. This one is probably one of our most simple tips, but you’d be surprised how many agents struggle with it. (And trust me, as an agent and investor myself, I understand). But the truth is that even if you don’t answer on the first ring or you have to get back to someone later in the week, they know they matter to you. It sounds so simple but showing each other and our clients that we care can go a long way.

What are your biggest tips you’d give to fellow agents? I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re a real estate agent with questions about being even better, feel free to email me!

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3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a New Realtor and Investor

3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a New Realtor and Investor

As a real estate investor with decades of experience, I’ve worked with countless clients across the country. And during that journey, I’ve learned an enormous number of strategies and approaches to attaining financial freedom. Some of them have become staples in the real estate and financial communities, but many others are still not commonly talked about.

Of course, with my upcoming books on how you can launch into wealth creation, I knew we had to talk this month about real estate investment. But I also wanted to spend a moment bringing you a few ideas I wished I had known when I started my career. While there are many good training programs out there, too many new real estate agents and investors aren’t getting the full story.

Just about anyone can attain financial freedom

In my upcoming investment books, there are a few important themes, one of which is who can make financial freedom possible. If you turned to the stock market or other investing coaches, you might hear that you need millions to make millions. But as you’ll see in my new books, nothing is further from the truth, and we look at real-life stories of how people from modest backgrounds, including myself, were able to generate wealth. The ways they can attain that freedom might look different, but the potential is almost always there.

Strike your own path with your own vision

When I started my journey into financial freedom, all the other agents I knew told me what I wanted to do was crazy. They couldn’t see the opportunities that I was seeing, and at the end of the day, all many of them wanted to do was make another real estate transaction, whether it really aligned with the client’s vision or not. And I had a completely different vision for my career. For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m big on goals.

And when you’re just starting out in real estate or investing, so many people want to sell you their goal and their vision. But most likely, the path you’ll take might look very different than theirs. After all, what might work for one person (or one market for that matter), might look completely different for another. Finding your vision is huge, which we talk about a good deal in my first book we’re releasing soon.

Find a mentor sooner rather than later

As a real estate and investing coach, I can attest to the value of having a mentor. Now, that doesn’t mean just anyone should be your mentor. When it comes to wealth creation and financial freedom, who you trust can be one of your most critical decisions. To complement what we said above, choosing a mentor doesn’t have to run contrary to striking out on your path or attaining your vision. In fact, your mentor should be taking your unique vision in mind when giving you advice. They should also have at least a decade of real-world experience in real estate and investing, so you’re getting true wisdom.

If you’re a new real estate agent or investor, you always have a resource at Records Results. My first book, on how you can become a pro in the investing world, will be published in the next few months. In the meantime, I’m always happy to discuss mentoring opportunities with you!

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Preparing Your Home Before You Go on Vacation

Preparing Your Home Before You Go on Vacation

As you can imagine, vacation homes in Southwest Florida are incredibly popular. And every year, people from all over the country (and the world) flock to our sandy shores to spend time. Whether they’re coming for a week or a few months, it’s a good idea to prepare your principal residence before you head off.

Because we live in a very popular vacation area, and I’ve helped so many clients find vacation homes, I’ve picked up a few tips on the subject. Best of all, all of these are fairly simple and easy to check off your list before you embark for our world-class beaches and amenities.

Let a neighbor know you’re leaving

Even if I’m just going away for the weekend, I like to let a neighbor know. This can provide you peace of mind as they keep an eye out on your property.

Schedule your lighting

If you haven’t yet grabbed a cost-effective tool for lighting schedules, I definitely recommend doing so before going on vacation. This way, your home will still look like it’s lived in while you’re away.

Stop the newspaper and mail delivery

On that note, we probably all know this age-old tip. But it always is worth repeating, and you can’t imagine how many times I’ve seen people forget it. You don’t want those papers piling up and signaling your house is empty!

Hire a lawn service

For Southwest Florida property owners, we have many times during the year when grass can grow inches in a week. So, I like to suggest having your lawn service stop by every 2 weeks or so, just to do a trim and touch up the landscaping, so things don’t get overgrown while you’re away.


Take care of your indoor plants

Speaking of plants, you can’t imagine how many people forget their indoor plants before they leave on vacation! If you have a neighbor or a family member stop by once in a while, they can care for your plants; otherwise, another solution will be needed.

Turn up your AC

This is another one that is especially relevant for those of us in Florida and the surrounding states. But it still applies to people throughout the country. Now, I don’t recommend turning off your AC, but merely matching the outside temperature more closely.

Check your garage door lock

We’ve talked about garage door locks previously, and this is one step you shouldn’t skip. The garage is often an entry point for burglars, because it’s less often secured and once they have access, they can easily close the garage door and take their time.

Walk your property

You might be in a hurry to get to that Southwest Florida vacation home but checking over your property ensures you don’t forget anything. From the inside and outside, I do a visual inspection that everything is in its place and as it should be.

There’s probably so many more tips we can talk about, I want to hear from you! What are your best steps for preparing your home before you go on vacation?

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Tips for Buying Furniture for Your Next Dream Home

Tips for Buying Furniture for Your Next Dream Home

As an experienced real estate agent and investor, I can’t tell you how many properties I’ve helped stage. But having grown up in a military family, I’ve also moved around a few times myself. And over the years, I’ve helped countless clients get their next dream home, from Southwest Florida to Montana and beyond.

In that time, I learned a handful of methods for buying furniture that really brings a space together. And today, you’ll get to discover some of them. The best part is that these apply to just about any situation, whether you’re a real estate agent yourself or a home buyer moving into your own property!

Mix affordable with upscale

For many people, you don’t want your furniture choices to break the bank. However, now more than ever before, you can get a nice mix of cost-effective with upscale. For example, I like to add in many pieces from Ikea or other affordable solutions. Then for the items that get more attention or wear-and-tear, I might go for a piece or two in a higher range to add that extra touch of class.

Go for focal pieces that add pizzazz

On that note, I also like to recommend adding one or two focal points to your space. And this is where you can get a little quirky or different if you want. With this in mind, you can include something that creates a conversation piece, or that really wows your guests.

Take a look at the current trends

If you’re like me, you probably like to browse websites and magazines that cover the latest and greatest. It’s a fun way to stay informed about decorating and style, but you can also use what you’re seeing in your own home or property staging.

But remember classic is always in style

Still, I find myself turning to classic styles more and more to create the look I’m going for. One of the best factors about doing so is that your home always looks sharp and in-trend with the classics. Best of all, you can probably do a mix and match of current trends with traditional pieces.

Think of your local area for inspiration

Of course, as a real estate agent in Southwest Florida, I love, love, love to use inspiration from our local area. What does this look like? For starters, homeowners in our region enjoy mixing in bright blues and greens that reflect our incredible beaches. It’s also common to mix in ocean-related elements as centerpieces; for example, interesting driftwood or beautiful shells. What I love is that you can get local inspiration in any area!

Don’t forget about how you’ll get it home

As a closing reminder though, make sure you know how you’ll get your new furniture pieces home. Whether you chose delivery or have access to a truck, it reduces headaches ahead of time to know your options.

And if you’re buying a home in Southwest Florida, I’d be happy to talk with you more about your next dream home!

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Your Southwest Florida Properties for June

Your SWFL Properties for June

Each month, we’ve been exploring Southwest Florida properties that are for sale right now. As one of the area’s top real estate agents, I’m constantly reviewing property trends and analyzing the data. But at the same time, I firmly believe that it’s equally important to get that real-world perspective, separate from the sales charts.

And we’re discovering that Southwest Florida has properties that are not only attractive but very affordable. This is also true for the two properties we’ll look at today, which are homes that are available to you now. As always, I’m happy to talk about what might be right for you, whether you’re interested in Siesta Key, Sarasota, or any of our lovely coastal towns.

A Beautiful Condo with Potential

Let’s start with a Southwest Florida property located right here in the backyard of Records Results Real Estate Offices. This attractive condo is located on the ever-famous Sanibel Island and is just seconds away from some of the best beaches in the entire world. And it’s incredibly affordable, especially for this area! Sanibel is an island oasis with properties in the millions, yet this cute condo is in the heart of it all.

The other factor that catches my eye is its look. While the photos aren’t bad by any means, I feel like there’s probably some additional potential lurking right beneath the surface for this one. I also love that the condo is near to the Sanibel Marina, as boating and other water sports are incredibly popular in our area. In fact, you can also walk to nearby tennis courts and the beach!

Conveniently Located Southwest Florida Properties

Turning to the northern part of Southwest Florida, this property is worth a look. Priced below $300,000, it’s a new construction that was only recently added to the area. And what about this area? The Terra Ceia area is one that’s flying under the radar right now, but which is starting to gain attention. With easy access to the Skyway and metros to the north and south, this area is likely to start seeing more activity.

Even though both metro areas are experiencing incredible growth, this is a quieter spot that still has access to it all. Now, I’d definitely want to tour this Southwest Florida property in-person, and I always recommend doing so before making a decision. But the pictures have at least raised my interest in this property. I’d also want to consider what hidden potential might be just below the surface with this one as well.

What areas of Southwest Florida represent exceptional value right now? As your source for all things SWFL, I’d be happy to tour homes with you in the areas that interest you most!

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