Terry Records founder of Records Results! Real Estate of Southwest Florida, is a unique progressive real estate agent who focuses on the needs and goals of individual clients. Terry Records, has been a leader in the real estate industry since 1988. She is best described as a Strategic, Futuristic and Driven individual who gives clients and agents an accurate analysis of the current market and provides abundant education on meaningful topics so that each can make good timely decisions with regards to their real estate investments.

Education is paramount. Terry Records believes in educating her clients and agents in all aspects of real estate so that they can make good real estate decisions based on their goals. This level of expertise and knowledge far exceeds the basics offered in all other arenas.

Some of her accomplishments include: Helping over 3500 clients preserve and accomplish their real estate objectives, Personally renovating over 275 homes & Personalized coaching and training of agents and clients in all aspects of real estate.

Records Results! Real Estate offers property management services to its clients (Annual & Vacation Rentals). Recognizing that a large percentage of people spend time away from SWFL, Records Results! Real Estate will manage each client’s investments with care and expertise.

Records Results! is dedicated to serving the needs of First Time Home Buyers; All Home Buyers; Second Home Purchasers; Beginning to Advanced Investors & Teaches Strategies of Wealth Building; Home Sellers; Tiny Home Opportunities; New Construction Consultation; Tax-Deferred Exchange Consultation; and Self-Directed IRA Strategies throughout the entire Southwest Florida area. Terry & Jason are able to help clients out of town vett property by viewing; video taping; and live links.


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