5 Tiny Houses You Should See to Believe


5 Tiny Houses You Should See to Believe

Not long ago, we saw how the Tiny House Movement is a “big” trend in the United States. You can even find the idea spreading in countries throughout the world! And because this lifestyle is growing, we’re likely to see this movement stick around for years to come. In fact, from Fort Myers real estate to Sarasota properties and San Francisco homes to New York apartments, more and more people are choosing to express themselves in the size of their homes.

Well, to show just how diverse this trend is, we’ve put together this Pinterest list of tiny homes you simply have to see to believe. Now, for those of you who thought that tiny homes were confined to wheels, you’ll really enjoy many of these examples. And if you’re into home décor, design, and more, you’re in for a real treat. But no matter what, you’ll see exactly how the tiny house movement is only limited by our own creativity. Make sure you’re signed into Pinterest to get the full effect, and let’s get to it!

An A-Frame in the Woods

If this secluded cabin doesn’t defy your expectations for a tiny home, I don’t know what will! Warm, welcoming, and totally unique, it has a classic feel, but with a twist. I’m sure you can imagine that a weekend to yourself in this one would be very enjoyable.

A Clean Feel with a Touch of Darkness

Okay, let’s switch to something many of you may have envisioned when we were talking about tiny homes. This little house looks pretty straightforward from the outside, but inside… the contrast of the white and black make for an interesting pair, especially with the black stainless steel!

A Lakeside Retreat for this Tiny Home

Speaking of getting away, this tiny home looks to be about right. One thing that I love about this home is how bright and refreshing the main room is. Imagine having all those windows to let in the bright morning light! It really goes to show you that tiny homes can really have that extra touch of excellent design.

An Eye-Catching Property

This stunning tiny home is the right mix of hip and modern. It even has some really interesting industrial details that you’re sure to notice. But where this tiny home really shines is on the outside. With a paint choice that’s sure to get your attention and a classic look that generates interest, this tiny home would look good just about anywhere.

A Home that Incorporates Nature

This tiny home is sure to show you just how creative the tiny house movement really is. By seamlessly adding in a touch of nature, this home really stands out.  A little rustic, a little whimsical, and plenty… little! It proves that a tiny home can be whatever you imagine it as.

Do you have a question about the tiny house movement? Along with Southwest Florida real estate, it’s a subject I’m passionate about. Leave a comment and let’s talk!

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