5 Plants to Make an Impression at Your Southwest Florida Home

5 Plants to Make an Impression at Your SWFL Home

When it comes to landscaping, I know that many of my clients who buy a Southwest Florida home want something that looks amazing. A well-chosen set of plants can take a yard and make it into the talk of the town, no matter where you live. And in Florida, people are catching on to a ton of plants that do very well in our climate and are pretty attractive.

But because I love to give you the inside scoop on everything home-related, I’m bringing you a few landscaping choices that aren’t run-of-the-mill. Each one of these is sure to make an impression, whether you put it in the front yard or your backyard. Your home will thank you!

Travelers Palm

Growing upward to 50 feet tall or more, these palm trees are really different. Because its adapted to collect extra rain water, it has huge, lush fronds that splay out from its center. But because they’re not overly common, adding one to your Southwest Florida home adds a touch of intensity.

Silver Palm

Speaking of palm trees that make an impression, there’s another that I can’t leave out. The Silver Palm is another choice that is sure to draw attention. Because it’s palm fronds are a bright silver color, you can’t miss this plant when its added to a home’s landscaping. This is especially true if you get a little creative and add darker color plants around it to draw the bright silver out even more.

Mango Tree

As we’ve seen in the past, mangos were a Southwest Florida favorite. Ford even named his winter retreat after them at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates! Now, you might think that this plant isn’t anything totally eye-catching. But when visitors see these with their bright fruit hanging from them… they take notice. Best of all, they add a slight tropical feel to your home.


This one is a little more popular, but well worth mentioning. The reason that it can’t be left out is for two reasons. First, the plant’s flowers, shaped like small, cute birds, are wildly popular with guests. You can even cut a few off for an impromptu centerpiece when you have company over. Yet, I also love how tall this plant can get.


Finally, I feel like the bougainvillea is one of the lesser used, but beautiful plants here in Southwest Florida. In fact, it’s also included on the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, and this one is a giant! It is incredibly drought tolerant and offers countless gorgeous flowers. It may not be right for every home, but for many it might add just the right touch.

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