Save Money on Your Water Bill, in Southwest Florida or Anywhere!


Save Money on Your Water Bill, in Southwest Florida or Anywhere!.png

As a real estate agent in Southwest Florida, I’m often asked a few specific questions when it comes to owning a home here. And one that almost everyone is curious about is saving money on your water bill. With beautiful pools and attractive landscaping, your home, in Southwest Florida or just about anywhere in the United States, can use a good deal of water.

At Records Results Real Estate we always have an eye on doing more for our environment. Finding ways to use water more efficiently means a little extra money in your pocket, but also lessen the burden on our waterways and reservoirs. That’s good for the local community and your Southwest Florida home!

Check your water meter

Because tree roots can puncture the water pipes in your yard, it’s a great idea to check that water meter. If you find that it’s spinning, even after you shut off water at your home’s shut off, you may have an issue. This one is a common situation that can go undetected for months or even years.

Survey your home for minor leaks

And on the topic of leaks, you might be tempted to ignore that very slow faucet. But even a slow drip can cost you gallons of water each and every day.

Go for low flow options

From eco-friendly showerheads to low-flush toilets, there are numerous options today that are excellent upgrades to your home. The best part is that in most cases, these options are affordable and they save you money at the same time!

Only wash full loads of laundry

We’ve probably all done it once or twice: put a load of laundry through that was only partially full. Yet, every time we do this, we’re wasting water! Try to only do full loads of laundry to cut down on water consumption that extra bit.

Fill the dishwasher all the way

On that note, we’ve probably all done the same thing with the dishwasher once or twice. Still, consider that many models are meant to work most efficiently when they’re full instead of a quarter or half full.

Install a rain barrel

One of my favorite ways to save money on your water bill is simply to add a rain barrel to your yard. At least when you own a Southwest Florida home, we get so much water during the summer rainy season. Using a rain barrel allows you to harvest some of the water for use a few days later, instead of relying on your hose.

Add soaker hoses to your landscaping

And speaking of ways to save money on water in your yard, let’s talk about soaker hoses. Locally, they’re very popular. But basically, a drip irrigation system applies targeted water to your plants that evaporates slower and uses less water. And your local hardware store likely has affordable soaker hoses you can pick up!

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